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Pool Openings

Take the hassle out starting up your pool. Let the professionals at D & L Pools, Inc. shoulder the load. At the time of the opening, D & L Pools, Inc. will get you up and running and also inspect your pool equipment to determine if any problems may arise in the near future. Our service staff can address those problems early to avoid any down time during the swimming season. You will always get a written report showing what we discovered, if anything. As always, D & L Pools, Inc. is eager to assist you with any questions you may have regarding chemicals, maintenance, or service.

Pool Closings

Rest easy this winter knowing that your pool has been “tucked in” properly. The professionals at D & L Pools, Inc. ensure a complete winterization of your pool and it’s components. Closing chemicals are added to aid in water clarity at the time of opening. Avoid the worry, D & L Pools, Inc. uses a step-by-step approach that is documented, making sure you know what all was done. Expect the best, after all, we realize that an improper pool closing can be very costly in the spring.

Liner Replacements

Make your pool beautiful again. If it is time for a new look or if that old liner has faded, D & L Pools, Inc. can bring your pool back to life. With many styles and colors to choose from, any look can be achieved. All gaskets, face plates, VGB main drain grates, and hydrosteams are replaced to help with that brand new look you are after. D & L Pools, Inc. also patches and sanitizes your old floor to avoid possible unsightly liner fungus.

Automatic Cover Cleaning

We can help you extend the life of your automatic pool cover with several different services. We offer cover scrub, cover clean and cover protect services. Contact our office regarding which service is right for you and pricing.

Pool Painting

Does your pool look as if it needs a face lift? We specialize in complete concrete pool painting.  Residential and Commercial properties.

Pool Inspections

Buying a house with a pool in the backyard? Let D & L Pools, Inc. do a quality step-by-step pool inspection. Every aspect of the pool is inspected and a report is given both verbally and in writing to the new homeowner and realtor involved. After all, as a new homeowner, you should not have to pay for the previous owner’s lack of care. Pool tutoring from an operational and maintenance perspective is also available.

Sand Changes

Water clarity a problem? Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on unnecessary chemicals when the problem could be solved with a simple sand change. The sand filter, doing its job, traps particles and debris that “eat” chemicals. Replacing your sand at least every three years will help you to avoid this nuisance. Call D & L Pools, Inc. to schedule your sand change today.

Plumbing and Equipment Repairs

D & L Pools, Inc. has state-of-the-art leak detection equipment to aid in the location of underground leaks, saving you the time and the headache of finding the leak. When we find the leak, we can repair it and patch the deck back to as original as possible. Also D & L Pools, Inc. specializes in pump seal and bearing replacements, total equipment re-plumbs, pool equipment replacement, light repairs and replacement, and the list goes on.

Other Services Include

  • Computerized Poolside Water Testing
  • Fiberglass pool tiling and grouting
  • Pump and Scrubs
  • Hayward & Pentair Warranty Center
  • Pool Painting
  • Moving of Spas
  • Vacation Pool Watching for our chemical purchasing customers

If you do not see the service you require, call and we will try to accommodate your needs or guide you to another source of satisfaction.

Please note that we do charge from our service center to your location and back when computing labor charges. We do charge a minimum service charge to come out on site. For questions on pricing and hourly rates please contact our office at 309-565-4530.

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