Toby Chapman

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Born: 03/05/1993

Position: Mobile Chemical Lab Specialist & Logistics Specialist


-Worked for D&L Pools for four and a half years

-Head of maintenance for the pool at Maple Lane Country Club in Elmwood for five years

-Maintenance for the pool at the Weaver Ridge Homeowners Association for four years

About Me / Family:

-Born and raised in Elmwood, IL

-Only child

-Associates Degree from ICC

-Went to college at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse

-Love spending time up north at my family cabin on the lakes in Three Lakes, WI

-Pretty big family, but even bigger considering I include everyone at D&L Pools to be apart of my family

-Love to travel, I’ve been on 2 big road trips, one was along the west coast starting in Seattle, Washington and taking 2 weeks to drive down to LA, California; the other was a 10 day road trip to South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming

-It’s hard to imagine working anywhere else, considering I have come to love who I work with and who I work for, I truly couldn’t ask for better people to have in my life.


-Motorcycle rides, slolom waterskiing, roadtrips all around the United States, landscape photography with a little freelance portrait/family photography, hunting, fishing, basketball pick up games, nights out with friends, bonfires with good people

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