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There’s no need to put the things you value most at risk. A COVERSTAR safety cover system is designed to give you the kind of peace of mind you need to truly enjoy your pool without worries.


Unfortunately, an open pool is a magnet for whatever is in the air – leaves, dirt, bugs, you name it. If it’s in the air, it can end up in your pool. Unless of course you have a COVERSTAR automatic pool cover.

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Safety you can rely on!

Coverstar offers mesh safety covers for maximum drainage and solid safety covers that block 100% of sunlight – in a variety of material, weights, and colors. All can be custom designed to fit any size or shape pool precisely, including any special features such as raised walls, diving boards, stairs and rails.

Coverstar Warranty LogoWe make it strong. . . to keep your family safe!

The stronger the cover, the safer the cover. Coverstar applies exclusive, patented design and manufacturing innovations to give our mesh and solid safety covers unmatched strength and durability. And, because we build them better, we back them better with our exclusive 20-year warranty!

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