Leslie Danley

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Don & Leslie Danley

Name: Leslie Jo Danley

Position: Owner

Education: Graduated from Warrensburg Latham High School, Warrensburg, IL in 1967

My Journey in the Industry: My life in the swimming pool business started way back in 1971, when my husband bought into an existing fence company. I was home with our first born so they asked me to answer the phone and set up appointments. In 1972 child number two was born and the business grew to where they had to purchase another building and branched out into the pool industry. As the children got older, I started working in the office; eventually with some training, I started testing and analyzing water for corrective treatments. In 1984 the company relocated the retail store to a more accessible location and, as the reputation of the company brought in more customers, my position with the company became more intense with the bookkeeping, sales, and customer service. However in 2004, my husband had a falling out with his partner of 34 years and, when all the legal matters were concluded, we opened D & L Pools, Inc. in Hanna City, IL, in April 2006. We have continued to expand our business and, with the new employees we are bringing on board, hope to make our business a more complete company for all types of services, installation, and retail sales.

Hobbies: Summertime hobbies are growing and canning vegetables from our 10,000 square foot garden, relaxing and entertaining by the pool. Wintertime hobbies are sewing, quilting, and all types of crafting.

Family: Husband, Don and two children, Dawg & Denise.

Activities: I enjoy watching our grandchildren play softball and baseball on their traveling teams, swimming, and romping with our young great granddaughter.

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